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What are your deepest questions about life and your experiences of it?

Are there things you want to do or accomplish and just can't make it happen?

Here at Center for Conscious Evolution, I am focused on how I can help you accelerate their personal conscious evolution and achieve the outcomes you are looking for. 

After years of study and personal exploration, I have found Karmic Astrology to be a powerful and effective tool to accelerate personal conscious evolution.

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Past Life Soul Regression Hypnosis

Explore past life influences in your life today.

Each of us brings with us, at birth, characteristics that are unique to ourselves.  If you have siblings or children, you know that each is unique in their own way.  That uniqueness, at birth, can come from genetics and/or past lives.  Each of our lives provides an opportunity for evolution toward a deeper knowledge of ourselves and a fuller understanding of our life.

Past life Regression Hypnosis provides an opportunity for an individual to observe their past lives and learn about characteristics that they brought with them into this life.  It is an opportunity to explore unexplained fears and positive predispositions. 

John is a Registered Hypnotherapist in the State of Washington and has been granted Past Life Soul Regression Therapist Certification by The RavenHeart Center.

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I will never forget the beautiful experience I had during my regression. I think about it often and wonder about that beautiful lifetime I lived. What a gift to get a glimpse of it! - AG


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